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RED, a hard rock band, was on the cusp on their second release when I began to work with them.  I managed the digital marketing for the album but their was a much bigger plan in mind.  The team around the band decided to launch the second album with an Alternate Reality Game much like the viral marketing for The Dark Knight or Nine Inch Nail’s Year Zero.  After the release of a special DVD containing a cryptic sequence of numbers, a buzz took off like a wildfire amongst fans.  The number sequence had its on site which lead you another site, and another, and another until you were lost down the rabbit hole with fake sites, mysterious voicemails, clues, exclusive sound clips from the new record, a hidden music video, puzzle pieces and much more.  The viral campaign lead up all the way to the release of the new album with fans approaching the band after shows constantly asking “where’s the silver key…?”